About Louvres By Design

Meet the family!

About Louvres By Design

Louvres By Design is a family owned and operated business in the Auckland region operating since 2013.
We proudly manufacture and install superior louvres in a vast range of customised finishes and can offer our customers a complete solution with our construction and engineering background.

Louvres By Design is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction across all aspects of the products and services we offer. Here at Louvres By Design we also have a commitment to sustainability so all our aluminum products are manufactured in NZ along with recycling the by-products (including packaging) and we strive to support local NZ companies to deliver our customers with the best quality products.

What sets us apart from the competition??

Our clients deal with the directors from start to finish.

We consult, design, cost, manufacture, install and give the final handover to the client. Therefore, we take great pride in our product and our workmanship.

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Damien McLeod

Director and Carpenter

Damien has 20 years experience in the building industry. He started his apprenticeship in 1996, and once completed Damien spent 8 years working in the industry. Looking for more challenges, Damien decided to jump across the ditch to Aussie where he worked for one of Australia’s major louvre companies as an installer.
Deciding the Aussie climate wasn’t for him, Damien decided to come back to NZ where he formed Louvres By Design with his father John in 2013 where they have continued to develop and grow their family owned and operated business.

“I have a high attention to detail striving for perfection with every project we deliver to our clients. What I love to see is the reaction I get from clients when we realise their vision and dream for there completed Louvres By Design system and outdoor living space.”

John McLeod

Director and Engineer

John has been in the mechanical / engineering business all of his working life, deciding to become self employed 18 years ago. He owned a successful automation engineering business for over 10 years where John designed and built automated machinery. This machinery allowed his customers to run their businesses more efficiently. When Damien returned from Oz in 2012, he suggested they join forces. With their combined knowledge and expertise of both the building and engineering industries Louvres By Design was born.